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They Come in Peace

July 29, 2015

All that we do is train for war
from science to sport
we hone killing skills
speed, strength, endurance
through labor, drugs, DNA
the people are conned
into combat readiness
by powerfully placed henchmen
in state houses, media and white coats
arbiters of culture
paid off or purchased wholesale
passing laws, bucks and blame
all in the game to grind us down
the public
while simultaneously, contrarily
building our trust
our hearts and minds set
lovingly, knowingly
in the clenched grip of iron-fisted tyrants
certainly we make a show
of discontent
wriggling angrily in the palm of the mighty
but it’s a sham performance
therein we are comfortably muffled
happily curled up into ourselves
helpfully obedient
to the ceaseless beat of war drums
as demonstrated overseas
and so we must be thankful
for our freedom and liberty
our food, shelter and security
life itself is a gift gentle warriors
don’t be ingrates
serve your superiors
trust endlessly
everything’s gonna be okay
but be vigilant
it could all fall apart at any moment
they are coming for you.


Witch’s Oven

July 26, 2015

ignorance renders the first amendment irrelevant
without education
its purpose flounders
its aim off-center, untrue, sinful
a misinformed people
served distortions and lies
cannot distinguish differences
between facts and hearsay
conjecture and logic
worse still
is the disservice done the public
when deliberate fabrication and exaggeration
are the agenda-driven goal
of entire industries
whose single-minded mission
of profit
does not permit questions of ethics
to interfere
with the shareholder’s desired ends
they will deny sound scientific research
squash inquiry and investigation
to fortify their positions
against an increasingly hostile reality
that grants no asylum to fantasy
they will promote politicians and policy
to perpetuate their mendacious acquisition
of power
but their path ever-narrows
as the wilds encroach
to reclaim the well-worn ways
and hack as they might
swinging futilely the machete
truth will devour their bread crumbs
and they
will find themselves a lost as all of us
this shrinking island of humanity
dreaming of the days
when crops never failed
children did not cry nightly in hunger
cash mattered more than calories
and we will crave what was once ours by right
that lost feast of falsehoods
that once sustained us
and kept us blissfully secure
believing everything would be okay
be okay, be okay…

Libertatia of the Gods

July 19, 2015

From beyond the distant
low ridge of hills
the blast could be heard
and felt
as it sent a plume of earth
and thick black smoke
a mile skyward
in a pillar to the soot heavy clouds
filthy rain bombed the lake
and pelted the roofs of the homes
until all the houses
were the same gray
as the anguished landscape

train tracks had been laid
in a senseless chaotic jumble
old coal burning cars
erupted in billows of swirling dark cumulus
from hundreds of tunnels
bore into the far mountain side
only to plunge back
in deranged loops
into the interior

sailing the ocean beyond
great oil tankers cracked like eggs
emptying their bladders into the sea
massive whorls of pitch-slick colors
writhed with dying life
sea birds, seals, fish, dolphins, crabs
all caught in mammoth blobs
twisted and tangled
like a fistful of night crawlers in soil

toxins from strip mines
flowed into head waters
and down rivers
carrying carcinogens and disease
to man and beast alike

forests were razed and burnt

fires roared open and wild

factories that manufactured nothing
sent rank fumes rising into the hazy air

crude was pumped and uncollected
left to run off into dead valleys…

who they were
and why they came to do this
we were never told

upon their arrival to our world
immediately, as their first order of business
they hired lawyers from every state
every country and local municipality
these counselors chose a single defender
to represent the aliens, who,
having more wealth and power
than all earth’s governments combined
they heeded no law
obeyed no regulation
opting instead
to pay the easily afforded pittance
levied as a fine against them
and so it went
for over a hundred years
and then they and our every resource
was gone or wasted beyond use
but weren’t we all glad to know
they paid their dues
every last penny of every last penalty
and thus justice was done.

Funny Paper Soldiers

July 16, 2015

Suffocating horizons constrict
coiled, burning hoops, closing in
whips crack, command to jump
through fire
to stand our ground and beyond
as theirs closes in on
our position, overcome
under prepped
smoke twists on the skyline
plumes rise like heads
shaking manes
lions who love to leap
to take up arms
to snip the head from neck
no matter how fool the enemy
presented to yawning maw
three rings in flames
circles within circles
circus within circus
always trapped
all around
roar and swipe and glower
swing of the scourge
backed into corner
hunkered down
where time is bided
that we have not
until the noose that hugs
closes too tight
and we rise above
popping free to cut
loosened from leash to run
worse than any threat
than any land conceded
to roost
to come home
battle torn, unneeded
to litter the streets
feal domestic cats
licking wounds
neglected, unwanted
heroes in cartoons

There We Were Now

July 14, 2015

Our youth in the nineties was wasted
exhausted by the conservative backlash
of the eighties
many young people turned to nihilism
or Rand
or LaVey… same thing really
struggling to grasp the next logical rung up
to reach some brand of libertarian synthesis,
and the new breed of greedy unsympathetic hippies,
high on dust and acid
utterly obsessed with stock rates and personal power,
blossomed upon the world
like a fire over Bikini
their poison ideas
as regards mental health, trade and taxation
crime and punishment
race and poverty
still infect today
like a radiation sickness
expressing itself in the atrophication
of our ability to care
in the necrotic ulceration of decency
in the visceral passion and casual acceptance
of warfare for the sake of revenge
in the militarization of our police
who freely murder and abuse black children
callously shower peaceful protesters in capsaicin
and gleefully forward racist e-mails
of a watermelon patch on the White House lawn
the copper badge and the white hood are one
and the media is always quick to defend
police have a high stress job they say
the victim was no angel, no saint
no on is innocent they say
smearing all of society
with their odious doctrine of original sin
while exonerating unnecessary violence
executed against the public
in the name of preserving the peace
as they beat the drum for war
quickening the pulse of hate-driven
pharmaceutical junkies high on Wall Street
sniggering behind the wheel of their Beamers
Nirvana cranked up to ten
here we are now
because of who we were then

Schism of Sympathy

July 12, 2015

Projected onto other’s bodies
thrust into their lives, their minds
forced to identify
with their aspirations and actions
in the form of popular entertainment
theater, novels, cinema
nurtured in us and increased
our empathy
heightened our ability to sympathize
feel for the plights and dreams
of our neighbors
and of complete far-away strangers
violence declined precipitously
the human family became much tighter knit
but within great peace
always there is the cacophonic voice
of ravening rumbling war
and loud its clarion call could be heard
howling, a ripping wind
of screaming poverty exploited
on talk shows, on news
as accusations fly, fingers point
crowds jeer
the cheater, the bum, the cheap whore
a dreadful din of demonization
condemnation of welfare recipients
blasting their lazy bones
without mention of hungry children
workers stripped of unions
fired for no reason
but to buttress the soaring palisades
of the master’s castle walls
they chose deliberately
to ignore the needy honest majority
instead to focus on proud frauds
this calculated attack on compassion
eroded our moral judgment
so sick and depraved
did a vast segment of society become
that they mocked victims of rape
defended serial child molesters
cheered and applauded
politicians who favored allowing the uninsured
to get sick and die
they wore Purple Heart band-aids
to demean the sacrifices of our service men
while they made heroes
out of racist vigilantes
homicidal police
and homophobic shop owners
the enormity
of what these callous promoters of schism wrought
had but one –
one agenda
a terrible eruption of cruelty
to put an end to humankind’s

You Can’t Spell “Politics” Without “Slop”

July 6, 2015

Even in charity
are the poor to bear the humiliation
poverty deems fit
to place on the shoulders
of society’s most burdened
whether by well-meant food drives
that demand donations
in the form of non-perishable
canned food “items”
or by the indignities heaped
upon their too over-stressed shoulders
by political would-be overlords
who dictate to the serfs
from high
to piss in the jar
submit to drug testing
and quietly
by their concession to orders
they are untrustworthy ne’er-do-well scum
unfit to judge for themselves
how they may recreate
which foods they may eat
what bastards are we
and our representative system
to fill their bellies and minds
full of such glum sorrow
slopped from tins onto plates
wretched out of toothless bureaucratic mouths
all to belittle
to crush
body, spirit, mind
into the same state as their wallets

The Polish Incident

July 3, 2015

Veiled surveillance was aghast
a staggering seventy-nine systems
were fully xenophobically occupied
by the Pierogi,
a sentient species so-named
for their resemblance
to a stack of stuffed dumplings,
pale gray mottled in brown patches,
but their incontinent stellar diffusion
wasn’t why VS was appalled
it was the breeding cages
eight of them in total
hardscrabble worlds, prison planets really
although, every planet’s a prison planet
if a species has no means of escape,
and that’s the rub
Pierogi mating stock
were simply unceremoniously dumped
this was the sort of thing
long debates tended to
when to interfere –
eugenics was a line crossed
it was time for unveiling
down the well the expedition went
and as I’m sure you can predict
the decision to contact in this manner
yup, colossal fuck-up
turns out their species had a reason
for both their general isolation
and more specifically
for why they kept
designated fuck worlds
immediately upon touchdown,
after introducing ourselves,
and embarrassingly,
stating our mission,
which of course
was to liberate them from erotic tyranny,
they went into heat
the flat curved edges of their body segments
shook like whispering gelatin labia
quivering quim flapping in the breeze
the sudden resultant orgy was global
every last one involved
including, inevitably, us
our genetic material was absorbed
assimilated, added to that of their next generation
the contact crew was screwed senseless
all of them: deaf, dumb and blind after
we fixed that though
grew new bodies
and at their request
purged the violation from their clone mind
for myself and posterity,
I kept a copy of each ones’ experience
frightful stuff:
nearly drowning in genital froth,
choking on seed dispersal bombs,
skin rubbed raw under the vigorous undulations
and heavy pettings
and now
like idiot adolescents
we’re parents
forever married to the Pierogi
and their newfound, horrific