The Polish Incident

Veiled surveillance was aghast
a staggering seventy-nine systems
were fully xenophobically occupied
by the Pierogi,
a sentient species so-named
for their resemblance
to a stack of stuffed dumplings,
pale gray mottled in brown patches,
but their incontinent stellar diffusion
wasn’t why VS was appalled
it was the breeding cages
eight of them in total
hardscrabble worlds, prison planets really
although, every planet’s a prison planet
if a species has no means of escape,
and that’s the rub
Pierogi mating stock
were simply unceremoniously dumped
this was the sort of thing
long debates tended to
when to interfere –
eugenics was a line crossed
it was time for unveiling
down the well the expedition went
and as I’m sure you can predict
the decision to contact in this manner
yup, colossal fuck-up
turns out their species had a reason
for both their general isolation
and more specifically
for why they kept
designated fuck worlds
immediately upon touchdown,
after introducing ourselves,
and embarrassingly,
stating our mission,
which of course
was to liberate them from erotic tyranny,
they went into heat
the flat curved edges of their body segments
shook like whispering gelatin labia
quivering quim flapping in the breeze
the sudden resultant orgy was global
every last one involved
including, inevitably, us
our genetic material was absorbed
assimilated, added to that of their next generation
the contact crew was screwed senseless
all of them: deaf, dumb and blind after
we fixed that though
grew new bodies
and at their request
purged the violation from their clone mind
for myself and posterity,
I kept a copy of each ones’ experience
frightful stuff:
nearly drowning in genital froth,
choking on seed dispersal bombs,
skin rubbed raw under the vigorous undulations
and heavy pettings
and now
like idiot adolescents
we’re parents
forever married to the Pierogi
and their newfound, horrific


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