You Can’t Spell “Politics” Without “Slop”

Even in charity
are the poor to bear the humiliation
poverty deems fit
to place on the shoulders
of society’s most burdened
whether by well-meant food drives
that demand donations
in the form of non-perishable
canned food “items”
or by the indignities heaped
upon their too over-stressed shoulders
by political would-be overlords
who dictate to the serfs
from high
to piss in the jar
submit to drug testing
and quietly
by their concession to orders
they are untrustworthy ne’er-do-well scum
unfit to judge for themselves
how they may recreate
which foods they may eat
what bastards are we
and our representative system
to fill their bellies and minds
full of such glum sorrow
slopped from tins onto plates
wretched out of toothless bureaucratic mouths
all to belittle
to crush
body, spirit, mind
into the same state as their wallets


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