There We Were Now

Our youth in the nineties was wasted
exhausted by the conservative backlash
of the eighties
many young people turned to nihilism
or Rand
or LaVey… same thing really
struggling to grasp the next logical rung up
to reach some brand of libertarian synthesis,
and the new breed of greedy unsympathetic hippies,
high on dust and acid
utterly obsessed with stock rates and personal power,
blossomed upon the world
like a fire over Bikini
their poison ideas
as regards mental health, trade and taxation
crime and punishment
race and poverty
still infect today
like a radiation sickness
expressing itself in the atrophication
of our ability to care
in the necrotic ulceration of decency
in the visceral passion and casual acceptance
of warfare for the sake of revenge
in the militarization of our police
who freely murder and abuse black children
callously shower peaceful protesters in capsaicin
and gleefully forward racist e-mails
of a watermelon patch on the White House lawn
the copper badge and the white hood are one
and the media is always quick to defend
police have a high stress job they say
the victim was no angel, no saint
no on is innocent they say
smearing all of society
with their odious doctrine of original sin
while exonerating unnecessary violence
executed against the public
in the name of preserving the peace
as they beat the drum for war
quickening the pulse of hate-driven
pharmaceutical junkies high on Wall Street
sniggering behind the wheel of their Beamers
Nirvana cranked up to ten
here we are now
because of who we were then


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