Funny Paper Soldiers

Suffocating horizons constrict
coiled, burning hoops, closing in
whips crack, command to jump
through fire
to stand our ground and beyond
as theirs closes in on
our position, overcome
under prepped
smoke twists on the skyline
plumes rise like heads
shaking manes
lions who love to leap
to take up arms
to snip the head from neck
no matter how fool the enemy
presented to yawning maw
three rings in flames
circles within circles
circus within circus
always trapped
all around
roar and swipe and glower
swing of the scourge
backed into corner
hunkered down
where time is bided
that we have not
until the noose that hugs
closes too tight
and we rise above
popping free to cut
loosened from leash to run
worse than any threat
than any land conceded
to roost
to come home
battle torn, unneeded
to litter the streets
feal domestic cats
licking wounds
neglected, unwanted
heroes in cartoons


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