Witch’s Oven

ignorance renders the first amendment irrelevant
without education
its purpose flounders
its aim off-center, untrue, sinful
a misinformed people
served distortions and lies
cannot distinguish differences
between facts and hearsay
conjecture and logic
worse still
is the disservice done the public
when deliberate fabrication and exaggeration
are the agenda-driven goal
of entire industries
whose single-minded mission
of profit
does not permit questions of ethics
to interfere
with the shareholder’s desired ends
they will deny sound scientific research
squash inquiry and investigation
to fortify their positions
against an increasingly hostile reality
that grants no asylum to fantasy
they will promote politicians and policy
to perpetuate their mendacious acquisition
of power
but their path ever-narrows
as the wilds encroach
to reclaim the well-worn ways
and hack as they might
swinging futilely the machete
truth will devour their bread crumbs
and they
will find themselves a lost as all of us
this shrinking island of humanity
dreaming of the days
when crops never failed
children did not cry nightly in hunger
cash mattered more than calories
and we will crave what was once ours by right
that lost feast of falsehoods
that once sustained us
and kept us blissfully secure
believing everything would be okay
be okay, be okay…


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