They Come in Peace

All that we do is train for war
from science to sport
we hone killing skills
speed, strength, endurance
through labor, drugs, DNA
the people are conned
into combat readiness
by powerfully placed henchmen
in state houses, media and white coats
arbiters of culture
paid off or purchased wholesale
passing laws, bucks and blame
all in the game to grind us down
the public
while simultaneously, contrarily
building our trust
our hearts and minds set
lovingly, knowingly
in the clenched grip of iron-fisted tyrants
certainly we make a show
of discontent
wriggling angrily in the palm of the mighty
but it’s a sham performance
therein we are comfortably muffled
happily curled up into ourselves
helpfully obedient
to the ceaseless beat of war drums
as demonstrated overseas
and so we must be thankful
for our freedom and liberty
our food, shelter and security
life itself is a gift gentle warriors
don’t be ingrates
serve your superiors
trust endlessly
everything’s gonna be okay
but be vigilant
it could all fall apart at any moment
they are coming for you.


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