Advice for Young Serial Killers

When the time came for the talk,
“Never believe them,” the father said
“if they claim they’re on the pill
you wear a rubber anyway.”

The son listened
he always did to the man
with the welting belt

“In fact,” he went on
“you save it. show it
dangle it in front of her
make sure she sees
the jizz in the reservoir
then you put it in an envelope
write her name on it
and date it.”

The boy nodded

“Okay then,” the father said
and left the room satisfied
of the advice and good sense
he had imparted
but the boy never followed through
except for the using the condom bit
he knew pills didn’t stop VD
the rest, however, he knew
was just another weapon
his father drew from his vast arsenal
an armory of abuse
to beat him down
and deny him love


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