Once, back when
a person would’ve run inside
pointed out to the girls
behind the counter
“You see that woman there
the blonde one
in the white tank-top
she used to be a guy,”
and they would’ve gone,
“Whoa, you’d never know
she’s so gorgeous…”

was a thing that happened
people openly pointing
in her peripheral vision
and she ignoring it best she could
but now
a person doing that
would come off as a parochial oaf…

And as I sat
over-hearing her, the trans-woman
talk about how
the majority of her friends
are “cis-girls”
and she’d like some
“cis-guys” as “platonic friends”
and how she’s become
“pro-active” about her relationships
I realized
gender really is nothing…

The same dull drone
of desperate love
drops from every prick and cunt
like a symptom of venereal disease…

Differences dissolve
in the sad banality of words.


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