The Predator

My skin imprints too easily
elastic sock designs
encircle my ankles
a couch crease across my thigh
indentation from the table’s edge
along my forearm
it’s starting to worry me
has it always been that way
and I’m only noticing now
or is it new
an ailment, a condition
another hallmark of age
among so many signs of it
it must have crept up
slow predatory stalking
the color of burnt gold
approaching steady
through a burnt gold mist

This is my body’s largest organ
we’re talking about
and if it is
what of the rest
hidden inside
testicles I can take
roll between thumb and forefinger
be fairly satisfied of their status
then there’s the brain
crosswords, Sudoku, Scrabble
putting down words
in an order
to convey
if not meaning
then a message
a communication to be understood
beyond myself
where it’s nice to be known
but that too
could be compromised
as are ankles, thighs and forearms
imprinted upon by exotic patterns
foreign designs
dented, bent, twisted
and I’m not speaking of
Alzheimer’s, dementia or
the horrors piled high in the DSM 5
just little things
such as laughing at Dane Cook
even briefly
turning the television onto
a major network
when it’s not an NFL game
these are small rebellions
they are also indicators
that the world
imprints too easily


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