Morning Irritation

“What they need is to know
there’s no rush
it’s the sequencing
that’s important
me and him
have to go down there
and play it for him
once he hears her voice
he’s going to love it
and give us all the time
we need
to sequence it right…”

This is the bullshit
you overhear
out for a coffee
at 9:00 am in Los Angeles

“No, she’s directing an episode
they shoot in New York
she’s out there now
because that’s where all
the people are
and the energy and vibe
are so great…”

And I hate him sitting there
eating his buckwheat pancakes
not letting his lady friend speak
chewing, swallowing, talking
overlapping and flapjacking
gums that refuse to stop
wearing his Hasidic Jew hat
John Lennon glasses
hung from his shirt neck with care
he is a caricature
who will
someday soon
find his wealthy parents losing patience
with his aimless dilettantations
and that is when
they will tell him what to do
what friend of theirs
to speak to
to give him a job
and shut him the fuck up


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