Pee Wee: Red Hot #1

On his keychain was a fob
a leather one from a BMW dealership
every time he came in
he’d slap those keys down on the counter
I think he wanted me to see
what he drove

His pornography of choice
was the stuff shot for women
soft lighting, lots of foreplay
fewer close-up shots
and far less relentless thrusting
than the other stuff

I considered him to be
one of the good ones

His mobile chirped one day
while making the transaction
he looked at the incoming number
and pressed the green button
“Hey, Pee Wee!
What’s up Pee Wee?
Any plans for later Pee Wee?
Ha, ha, ha that’s funny Pee Wee!
Okay, Pee Wee!
Talk to you later Pee Wee!
Goodbye Pee Wee!”
he hung up, put the phone in his pocket
he laughed and told me
“Good old Pee Wee.
That was Pee Wee.”
I nodded
he added, “Herman.”
“That’s cool,” I said
“Yeah,” he said “Pee Wee, he’s cool.”

I rang up his rentals
from past experience
I knew
he’d keep the tapes for a week
he never complained about late fees
simply paid up quietly
I decided when he returned
his lady porn
I’d delete his fines
he was after all one of the good ones
and sometimes it’s only right
to do good for a good one

I just hope he shared with Pee Wee
the miracle of video rentals
you can jerk off
right in the privacy of your own home


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