Cruise of the Condo

For the gregarious rich
who wish to forever float
amongst their own
condos on cruise ships
are available now
the decision you had to make
out of your overly taxed poverty
whether to buy a 2nd home
or travel at sea
is null aboard the Utopia and the Marquee
get the comfort of home
sailing high the rolling waves
as cheap and low as three hundred G
although for six more, real luxury
can be yours
yes, sir, get it all
home and abroad as one
and please don’t forget
to carry aboard
all that precious booty you’ve hoarded
whether fine art, bank cards or bitcoins
the pirate armies lying in ambush
awaiting your mega-yacht
expect to get paid
after blasting your stinking ship of fools
clear out of your idiot waters
as it was foretold
as it was planned
in cold blood
for the good of the land


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