G–String & Pasties Local 36–24–36

“The spirit of the union
must swell in your ample breast
no unity; no titty
the beaver shall erect the dam
against the heavy flow of exploitation
no more free pass
or sight of shapely ass
for the patriarchal oppressors of womanhood
remember your battle cry
Hips! Lips! Tits! Power!
as your Greek sisters of antiquity
barricaded within the Acropolis asserted
No peace; No pussy
so too must you now
stand up for your own piece
and end this masculine stranglehold
over your bodies
rise up
you are the means of your own production
your bodies, yourselves
take control and fight!”
I shouted
“Okay, you,” the black bouncer said
gently escorting me by the arm to the exit
“Quit trying to unionize our girls,”
and thus was I out on the street
under the lascivious neon glow
of the sign over the strip club door


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