High Mambling

purse snatch endless days
getting up and going afar
designated howl silencer
shackling friends and begrudging deceit
animal far cry furious invasion
anywhere but yesterday
on National Lampoon’s Vacation
to visions faraway plus
aiming near and far
on the future’s credit card
paid for on a loan
interest delinquent homes
lost, bartered or stolen
no good Jew ever
protected by the Golem
let go more than he could swallow
domestic drink cheap
drunken on the floor’s plastic sleep
cowards face
under eyes on the bottom
never sweat forever
ping pong unhappily
digital back and forth across teevee
rowdy watch tech progress
no one fair of interest comes
banks delinquent refuse release
as whopping great secrets
distrust to tease more by sky
more by sea
more by air
more by the skeleton’s bone
more by the lock of tomb
more by tales
of morbid tales


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