We’re only beginning to heat up here
all day, all night
on Poe-wope radio 103.1
the cooooool FM
I hope you enjoyed
those last four enunciations in a row
free from commercial interruption
we’ve been getting a lot of calls in
all for a very special request:
a condemnation
you all know I’m not that kind of Pope
I like to keep my bigotry close to my heart
play it below the boards
it’s like Eddie Murphy said Bill Cosby said
‘you can’t come on stage
saying no “filth flarin filth flarin filth!”’
that is me
speak sweet
conceal a sour mind
now, then
join me as we bow our heads
we got us a red hot prayer
it’s got some elders angry
but baby this is rock-n-holy-roll
you sing it with me
as we put in a musical request to the Lord
to forgive these sluts their abortions
and those sodomites their perversions
kicking it off, repeat, after me
“Dear loving God…”


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