(inter)Generation(al) Hex

I am not here to be in a hurry
to race on my course to the end
where again the gun fires
impatience erupting anew
the waitress who took too long,
the bartender who served you
out of order,
the check-out clerk at the grocery store
who spent precious minutes
working out the intricacies
of a coupon that would not scan
any moment
in which I find I must wait
I become aggrieved, angry
for even when before I was not
now I am in a hurry
now all of a sudden
my time has value, meaning
I am important
my arrogance demands immediate attention
for my needs always to be fed post-haste
I do not know
how I got this way
what factors shaped this feeling
was it perhaps school
life lived under a bell
timed tests – hurry up and answer
half hour lunch – hurry up and eat
twenty minute recess – hurry up and play
rigorous schedules against which
we are powerless
designed to not prepare or propel
but condition
for the factory floor
for the nuclear family of four
still now in an age when
the factory floor has moved to China
when the life track of:
job, marriage, home ownership,
child-rearing, retirement, golden years
is but the out of date daydream
of a whited and wasted generation
spent wallowed away
in privilege, selfishness and greed
they spent their lives in a hurry
imposed the hurry upon their descendants
and thus
I am in a hurry I was not meant for
a slow shark suffocating
in waters too fast


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