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December 30, 2015

the fear of abandonment
the yearn to run free
dual forces
pull apart relentless
at the weakened and timid
wolves of our domestication

no greater terror is there
than the prospect of freedom
and in that possibility too
no stronger desire

there is nothing to do
no action for it
save to tremble fearfully
under the weight
and bark savagely
in cowardly alarm
at the passing of all strangers



December 28, 2015

Humanity is a pile
and that’s all they see
mankind as a stack against gravity
bottoms of barrels
tops of heaps
great chains of being
upwardly mobile
climbing the ladder
such earthbound parochialism
what can be said of it

the words come from on high
God above
His conduit the pulpit
the king
the elected and with that
democratization of voice
everyone screaming from every rung
the great unwashed mass
but not centerless

right around a white-hate
might-makes-right core
of firm unwavering answers

left around a bleeding-heart
scientific core
of malleable shifting questions

only one of these sides
has the key
to unfasten the locks
off this chain
that shackles thought
and weights us down in lies
about our fellow and sister humans
to free us from these horrible restrictions
and release the least of us
out from under
the bottom
of this, our top-made pile

Sad Debate

December 27, 2015

In conversation with right wingers
for reasons beyond my scope
they must swing,
dead man at the end of a rope,
to the issue of taxation
“You can’t,” he said… they say
I’ve heard it so many times,
“keep taking from the rich
eventually they’ll have nothing
left to take.”
this argument tells me
that your average right winger
hasn’t a clue
just how much the rich have
and it’s not as if
their wealth is stagnant
not generating, for them,
more and more and more,
but it’s at this point
I no longer argue
because as a human being
this is where the right winger loses me
for I
unlike them
cannot discuss people’s suffering
in terms of dollars
I cry
for many reasons
but not least of all
for the right winger who thinks this way
who thinks caring for the less fortunate
is less important
than securing the rights of the rich
to horde their riches
and give nothing
to the country and its people
that gave them everything

A Week Without Drink

December 23, 2015

I live
in a dead colorless world
without passion
or regret
wild fire extinguished
glacier in retreat
the mediocrity of the middle prevails

Bye Bye Baby

December 21, 2015

Soon your baby will be gone
the musical revolving mobile
and the crib above which it hung
a memory
no more soft fruit chewables
or sippy cups
gone the mushy rice cereal

it vanishes in a day
lost to history
the gurgling, the drooling
excitable cries
at the mere sight of a dog

you will be left with none of it
everything taken from you
as you stare
into the bright handheld rectangle
eyes distant and glazed
like the unfocused gaze of a newborn
the phone has stolen it all
and only after a long blackout
will you crawl back to the present
the all clear given
your home empty of all but you
and the newest model phone
so much changed from the old

Lake Snoy

December 16, 2015

“Orver the plentistich
came the grefted nuttering foob
aboisted and delubbered
strooging its nepwidges
here, there, hoplitide
tenzoles clusped in utter mrewl
a fraz of jemfsickle
rendiched bone trame od
furtheron the abersumch
rendressed, sahmjacked and huffed,”
the great man’s fist pounded podium
his pin-eyes scanning sharply
across the pinched beet-faces
of the frothy white mob
as they hooted in delightful outrage
at the great man’s
poignantly incendiary invectives
leveled passionately, honestly
and unabashedly
at every horror of which
his temporarily loyal
fickle followers feared the most
it was, for the great man,
another roaring triumph
and no matter how his detractors tried
they could not weaken his words
using logic, statistics or facts
the accuracy police
would never beat such gut and guttural
emotions into submission and complacency
the beast was snarling free
slobbering its rabid way
right to the heart
of the worst
we the people
ever beheld

This Copyright Earth

December 15, 2015

Whence comes the creator
the notion thereof
what spark ignited the divine idea
that this universe, this Earth
is a creation

We see trees from saplings ascend
buds blossom, whither and pedals fall
to soil, to decay
our pricks engorge
our cunts moisten
we fuck
sperm and ovum
cellular division
a baby is born
of all this we are aware
yet still we imagine
hands at work
in the clay of magic water
and supernatural silt

How thoughts moved away
from the clear evidence of natural processes
to discern that we were created
is less a mystery
than one might assume
if you sharpen a stick
it is yours
creation is about possession
the ability to own, trade, sell, buy
if the world was created
then whose daddy did it
who by birthright inherits it
not the meek
they’re not the ones holding the pointed stick


December 10, 2015

Poverty is great in its manufacture of fear
a consequence of material deprivation
is pride in it
to proudly proclaim the lowly status
as superior: rural, redneck, ignorant
the poor band together
against elitist, college educated, urban
coastal dwellers
with their fancy degrees
uppity attitudes
and open mockery of God
in the absence of affluence
guns and bibles
contempt for dark skin
foreigners, non-protestant Christians
a concentrate of hate
distillation of repulsion
that leads them to support policies
of oppression and exclusion
laws to limit access and intimidate
in America has it always been thus
from the debates between
federalists and anti-federalists
to modern arguments between
progressives and conservatives
our inability to break free
from this dichotomy
rests in our disparity of wealth
from a tiered public educational system
to the nutritional value of the foods
prepared and eaten
by the differing social classes

In the beginning
the founding federalist fathers
put us on a noble course
but perhaps their blindness
to the poisonous inequality
already corrupting the corpus of their fledgling nation
is why remain unable to move beyond it
and continue to rip out our hair and scream bloody faced
over these very same and very old attitudes today


December 8, 2015

they shut us down
every night at ten
you’d never know it
when you’re young
because imagination
carries you through
fills in the blanks
from cut until end
but as you age
become old
the brain refuses
to add it up
lights out is lights out
we sleep when we sleep
the program requires time
to compile and analyze
all choices made
of so many billions
important and unimportant alike
decisions and consequences
it turns us off
runs its paradigms
calculates for the six hours down
boots brains back up
to awake to murder
drunken missteps
love and carpet bombings
we are all coordinates
on graph paper
waiting to be plotted
free will is the other side
of an equation previously computed

Daughter of God

December 3, 2015

The first one didn’t go right
it was a problem of chromosomes
without the male seed
it was more or less a clone
but imbued with divinity

Everything had gone as planned
it’s like the story you know
except rather than a manger
Mary and Joseph shacked up in a cave
there were, as called for:
wisemen (three of those)
shepherds (a handful)
and even a midwife
although she arrived late
as the baby
not keen to wait
was born while Joseph
ran around a small nearby village
banging on doors in a mad panic
seeking one out
he knew it took too long
when water stopped flowing
birds in the sky froze in flight
not even the wind continued to blow
this was time completely stopping
just a dead stand still
caused by God’s total shock

At first He was confused
what the fuck
His son didn’t have a penis
then He realized indeed
a cock it was not
‘cause it was a cunt
once the rude surprise subsided
He quickly got the universe going again
expansion resumed
planets carried on in their course
waves crashed upon shores
rain fell and stars exploded
all was in order
except for the baby
specifically, its vagina
the wisemen recoiled in horror
and withheld their gifts
the shepherds fled as swiftly as their sheep
what a mess
He couldn’t very well have any witnesses
so He struck the three kings of Orient dead
fell the shepherds as they ran
and, for good measure, their sheep too
rams, lambs, ewes and all
as the last bleat faded
Joseph and the midwife made it to the cave
Gabriel appeared to explain the SNAFU
ordered the midwife to expose the babe
high on the hillside
but when she refused to participate in deicide
God melted her face off
and had Joseph do it
while her husband was out
He got Mary pregnant again
and hurried up the gestational progress
when Joseph returned
he found Mary’s belly full and round
and a message painted on the cave wall
in afterbirth and feces
“You got three days
this time
try and make it to the fucking inn,”
but of course you know that story
they got there late
and had to stay in the stable

As for the daughter of God
we’re probably better off without her
she’d have surely grown up to be
one hell of a feminazi