Poverty is great in its manufacture of fear
a consequence of material deprivation
is pride in it
to proudly proclaim the lowly status
as superior: rural, redneck, ignorant
the poor band together
against elitist, college educated, urban
coastal dwellers
with their fancy degrees
uppity attitudes
and open mockery of God
in the absence of affluence
guns and bibles
contempt for dark skin
foreigners, non-protestant Christians
a concentrate of hate
distillation of repulsion
that leads them to support policies
of oppression and exclusion
laws to limit access and intimidate
in America has it always been thus
from the debates between
federalists and anti-federalists
to modern arguments between
progressives and conservatives
our inability to break free
from this dichotomy
rests in our disparity of wealth
from a tiered public educational system
to the nutritional value of the foods
prepared and eaten
by the differing social classes

In the beginning
the founding federalist fathers
put us on a noble course
but perhaps their blindness
to the poisonous inequality
already corrupting the corpus of their fledgling nation
is why remain unable to move beyond it
and continue to rip out our hair and scream bloody faced
over these very same and very old attitudes today


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