This Copyright Earth

Whence comes the creator
the notion thereof
what spark ignited the divine idea
that this universe, this Earth
is a creation

We see trees from saplings ascend
buds blossom, whither and pedals fall
to soil, to decay
our pricks engorge
our cunts moisten
we fuck
sperm and ovum
cellular division
a baby is born
of all this we are aware
yet still we imagine
hands at work
in the clay of magic water
and supernatural silt

How thoughts moved away
from the clear evidence of natural processes
to discern that we were created
is less a mystery
than one might assume
if you sharpen a stick
it is yours
creation is about possession
the ability to own, trade, sell, buy
if the world was created
then whose daddy did it
who by birthright inherits it
not the meek
they’re not the ones holding the pointed stick


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