Lake Snoy

“Orver the plentistich
came the grefted nuttering foob
aboisted and delubbered
strooging its nepwidges
here, there, hoplitide
tenzoles clusped in utter mrewl
a fraz of jemfsickle
rendiched bone trame od
furtheron the abersumch
rendressed, sahmjacked and huffed,”
the great man’s fist pounded podium
his pin-eyes scanning sharply
across the pinched beet-faces
of the frothy white mob
as they hooted in delightful outrage
at the great man’s
poignantly incendiary invectives
leveled passionately, honestly
and unabashedly
at every horror of which
his temporarily loyal
fickle followers feared the most
it was, for the great man,
another roaring triumph
and no matter how his detractors tried
they could not weaken his words
using logic, statistics or facts
the accuracy police
would never beat such gut and guttural
emotions into submission and complacency
the beast was snarling free
slobbering its rabid way
right to the heart
of the worst
we the people
ever beheld


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