Humanity is a pile
and that’s all they see
mankind as a stack against gravity
bottoms of barrels
tops of heaps
great chains of being
upwardly mobile
climbing the ladder
such earthbound parochialism
what can be said of it

the words come from on high
God above
His conduit the pulpit
the king
the elected and with that
democratization of voice
everyone screaming from every rung
the great unwashed mass
but not centerless

right around a white-hate
might-makes-right core
of firm unwavering answers

left around a bleeding-heart
scientific core
of malleable shifting questions

only one of these sides
has the key
to unfasten the locks
off this chain
that shackles thought
and weights us down in lies
about our fellow and sister humans
to free us from these horrible restrictions
and release the least of us
out from under
the bottom
of this, our top-made pile


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