The Etiquette

There are rules of magic
take for example
the Fairy Godmother of Cinderella
for all her inspiring skills of transformation
mice into horses
pumpkin into carriage
rags into a ballroom gown
it all has a shelf life
powers must be capped
for both the good and the evil
even the spellcraft of the wickedest
by necessity
must be potentially limited
in its scope and duration
escapes must be granted
something as simple as a kiss
although defenses can be mounted
to prevent the unconsenting sleeper’s defilement
these too will fall, given time
lo, one hundred years,
but one day
a wayward Prince will come
and come again
thus it can be seen
white magic ceases of its own volition
whereas the black variety
by design
to terminate
requires a crime
a transgression
a rogue who
upon finding beautiful women, unconscious
knows but one way to react
and as the hero, he doth rise to the occasion


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