Frat House Fairy Tale

When upon the couch your prostrate form I did encounter
Bellowing snorts and snores did give me proof of your slumber

Amidst the cans and bottles strewn to you I tiptoed swift
To awake you with a kiss and break the spell of the witch

But when my lips to yours proved not enough to you revive
I endeavored to do more and to do more I did strive

Fast and quiet from under skirt I pulled your panties free
And gazed upon your treasure as I crouched between your knees

As your valiant savior I stuck brave to the task at hand
And to the occasion rose to halt the witch’s command

Against powers of darkness I thrust onward to defeat
I felt victory assured in my passion’s growing heat

First the evil did attempt to tighten its velvet grip
But long and hard I battled and felt movement in your hips

Knowing the time had come I unloaded with all my might
When yet still you slept I knew wickedness had won the fight

Ashamed of my failure and sickened at your sleeping sight
I wiped my cock clean in your hair and slunk off into night


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