My Walk This Morning

I see a
middle-aged man
face weathered with defeat
sitting on a half wall
scratching thick stacks
of lottery tickets
using a nail file
loser after loser…

I see an old man
engaged in the struggle
to free
a well-browned Christmas tree
from the stand
before January’s end…

I see a young woman
in a fight with a pay phone
she screams and strikes the thing
throws the receiver
leaves it swinging
as she flees
on the run
loose red skirt
waving behind…

I see another man
one now on a bike
a bag of laundry
in a plastic garbage sack
draped over the handle bars
he calls out to me, “Hey, pimp,”
he says, “You out for a walk?
I like walking too.
Be careful out there.”

It’s advice; I’ll take it.


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