A Heartfelt Wish for All Republicans to Please Leave Earth

I wish this reality could be split
two United States in parallel
separated permanently
one in which strict
environmental regulations
are put in place
ending the use of fossil fuels
where deep cuts are made
to the defense budget
and steep increases made
in green technologies, healthcare
welfare and education
workers’ rights will trump corporate rights
unions will be maintained to protect against abuses
and minimum wages
will keep pace with profits and cost of living
a USA where the 2nd Amendment
is abolished and
the arms manufacturers’ lobbyists
barred from D.C.
imprisoned for so much as
speaking to a House member
in this America
the Department of Homeland Security
focuses on the homeland
and takes measures
to perform background checks
and psych evaluations
on gun owners who now
by owning a gun
do community service
for their PRIVILEGE of gun ownership
40 hours for the first firearm per year
20 additional per annum
for each firearm thereafter
a woman’s right to abortion services
unquestionable, undebatable, unchallengeable
churches, synagogues, mosques – pay property tax
and the wealthy pay their share
or get the fuck out – ostracism for ingrates
who benefit from living in America
and the use of its fine amenities
but refuse to pay their rent…
Oh, yes… this is one United States
the one I will go to in the split
where equality is the law of the land
and the other
the other is for the Republicans,
the Libertarians
any, all and various sundried conservatives and objectivists
their USA
no gun laws – 2nd Amendment absolute
IRS – gone
Department of Education – gone
Unionized labor – gone
no minimum wage
no environmental protections
a landscape of smog, blight, anger
and rampant militarization
police terrified of its citizenry
citizenry in murderous fear of its police
fully automatic machine guns in the hands
of anyone with the money to buy one
mandatory loyalty pledges to cross and flag
banishment of Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Atheists,
Feminists, Socialists, homosexuals
neighbors reporting on neighbors…
that’s a brief portrait of the other America in the split
now, you fucking asshole
choose which one you want to live in


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