by the actions of one
a group may be in its entirety
in the repetition
of adjacent words
“Islamic” and “Terrorism,” for example
one can be made synonymous
with the other
until “Islam” or “Muslim”
means “Terrorism” and “Terrorism”
means “Islam” or “Muslim”
to such an extant
that non-Muslims
Christians, for example
cannot be conceived to be
it is not fair
but for many
this is the way of the world
and to continue this example
a violent act is committed
the perpetrator justifies his violence
in the name of Muhammad,
Allah, Islam
and next thing
a mosque a thousand miles away
is fire bombed
a gas station attendant
wearing a dastar
is brutally beaten
because his assailant
mistook him for a Muslim
this poor carriage of justice
by vigilante hands
is widely condemned
yet it continues, unfairly
punishing the innocent
out of their assumed guilt
a collective guilt
carried by all
for the actions of a few
let’s hope
if the space aliens do ever arrive
and, god forbid,
a frightened little man
shotgun blasts one
of the bug-eyed bastards
that they
are better than us
at assigning blame
and recognizing fault
for if they are not
if they are as prejudiced
and reactionary as some of us
if one human is for all
much the same as any other
then we will be well
and truly screwed
but at least
we’ll understand the monsters
who destroyed us


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