In isolation,
to you, they whisper
behind the wheel
on distant lonely roads
companionship, company
a friend
who’s got your ear
and got your back
at your fingertips
there on the AM dial
telling it to you
like it is
how no one else will
all those others
they lie, they lie to you
to get from you
what they want
but you
and the voice of the air
you are smarter
than them
together, united, you are strong
secure in absolute truth
who should you hate
the radio will tell you who
who should you trust
wait, the radio… it knows
it’s there for you
when your wife is not
when your friends have moved on
and your children distant
no one understands you
you had hopes
you had dreams
and what happened to those
let the radio tell you who
that wife
those friends
them kids
but it’ll all soon get better
keep listening to the radio
keep listening to your friend
your extra special pal
for when you’re isolated and alone
a captive audience of one
told what is
let it define your world
let it tell you
the way things ought to be
let it think the thoughts
you never dared to think
let it do these things for you
the way nobody else ever did


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