Bank On It

It was in their choice of words
“Too Big Too Fail”
when I fell completely
because that’s when
the truth of society
was coldly exposed to us all
naked ugly reality
like a wad of jiggling jellied fat
on the tines of a fork
every last working man and woman
every homemaker
everyone struggling, living
doing as they’re told
as they’re supposed to
was shown behind the curtain
cast past the illusion
there is no American dream
or any other nation’s
there are no happy endings
because there are no people
to be happy
it is all numbers, economics
the raw deductions of maths
and if your value is not big
then you must fail
it is the plan from the start
too small not to step on
the bug must be squashed
“too small to succeed”
that’s the inverted fact of their words
“too big to fail”
and that’s when I fell completely
that’s when I bought my gun


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