America 2016

Family values
your family’s values
written in the blood
encoded, innate
blut und boden
not of the other
outside values
corruption of the auslander
but internal, settled, historic
tied to the land
your family
your white family
your white neighbors
your values
their values
united by the land
the values of the land
polluted by foreigner
lascivious outsiders
libido-driven, hot-blooded
muddied feverish reason
perversion of establishment
the long established
cool, regulated values
family values
assailed by strangers
foul, duplicitous, untrustworthy
not family, not blood
not of the land
your land, your family’s land
your neighbor’s land
from which now
as the banner is raised
the hour has come
the final solution
to cleanse the land
is to cleanse the blood
is to secure the family
and keep steadfast
its values


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