Too Much Travelled By

Delusions of fame
distort and bloat
the paranoiac ego
ever certain
in its small appeal
of the total
adoration of the people
believing that everyone
who passes by
does so
due to love and respect
a desire to be near
such a remarkable talent

Maybe this is so
or maybe it ain’t so much
but as I walk through
yet another shoot
at the intersection of Fig & 56
the most overly shot
location in all of Los Angeles
I overhear the star’s
distinct Jersey by way of Boston
nasal honk loudly say,
“For the second time today!”
and I wonder
is it me
I am going past
“for the 2nd time today”
not out of design
once going home from coffee
next going out to a movie
but surely
it’s coincidental timing
certainly, he doesn’t keep tally
like some bureaucratic bird of prey
keenly observing
each little mouse
who scurries along the street
and how many times by they go
that would be crazy, right?

Or is it me
does it speak
to the sorry state of my mental health
to harbor such screwy suspicions
am I the paranoiac ego
and not Marc Maron afterall?

Is this how John Hinckley Jr. got his start?

Perhaps I am in need
of paying greater heed
to down which roads I travel


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