Empirical Controls

What if we, the United States,
did not win the war
but we were allowed to
by collusion
by illusion
appear to win
a war that never was a war
British subjects of the colonies
conspiring with the crown
using enlightenment philosophy
as a shroud
what if.. what if…

And so the USA
became but a tool
a weapon in the armory
of Empire
how in WWII we waited
held like a hammer
hidden behind England’s back
waiting to come to the fore
to wallop the Wops
and crack the Krauts
fresh to the charge
always ready to agree
the whole world pretending
Thatcher and Reagan
weren’t twins separated at birth
as if
under any circumstance
we wouldn’t back the Jolly Old
everything a Machiavellian maneuver
starve the Irish out of Ireland
let them flee to the States
and pit them
against the Italians
a check and balance
on gangland power of the streets
and cheap grease
for the cogs of industrial capitalism

The revolution was a façade
parliament’s gambit
to further drive a king mad
and strip the crown
its authority
and it works still
culturally, we’re closer than ever
swapping entertainment
back & forth
tit for tat
American Idol for the Apprentice
fair trade – twin peoples
garbage fed
on mantras of merit and ruthlessness
the red coats never came
we were them
as they were us
and Canada
don’t get me started
on those Canuck cunts
and please, sister
non-violent resistance
Gandhi didn’t win
who could be so gullible
to fall for that horseshit
look at India now
low-cost labor and poached
of their brightest minds
no one would call that winning
there are no winners
not against Empire
the sun never sits


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