fuck, you know
speaking nonchalantly
it’s been bad
not it, me
with the drink
black-outs have been
and are
not what one would call
per se
uncommon, however
there have been such
overly hyper-stimulated
inebriation events
in which the brain
more specifically – mine
mine the brain
wasn’t content
to simply elide
the time from my life
but worked
as if a bricoleur
using the fragmentary
chaotic jetsam
washed up on the shores of conscious
and assembled the sundried
into a memory
thus filling in the gap
like a fresco
plastered over a crumbling wall
so that a mundane moment
such as
staring glassy eyed out the windscreen
vaguely aware of pressure
building in the bladder
is transformed into
a carload of shrieking women
as I jump up onto the hood
drop drawers
and piss all over the front window
hell, I even called the next morning
to apologize for my boorish exposure
only to be informed
that, “what? that didn’t happen
you didn’t do that
my god I would have liked to have seen that!”
and it’s this
that makes me think of America
we’ve gone beyond cultural amnesia
and escalated into
wholesale historical derangement
but it’s not limited to singular calamities
what we have is a full-blown syndrome
unbreakable and unshakable
a fatigue of fabrication
infiltrating the fibrous fortitude
of our society’s fabric
so, suddenly – slavery wasn’t all that bad
the founding fathers based our democracy
upon the bible
and ALF was a quality television program
well-regarded enough
to merit remake
as a major Hollywood
big budget blockbuster
this is a fucking sickness
and the only cure
is to drink manfully
in epic volumes
and pray that someday
we’ll wake up
having forgotten
all the fuck about it


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