Cleaver Redeemer

God & Jesus – they’re one
kind of the same except not
then there’s that third Guy
but in this argument
He’s irrelevant
all we need to agree on is
Jesus, to some extent
punishes human beings
punishes them for their sins
sends them packing to Hell
a soul’s eternal torment
I’m not judging Christ’s judgment
His use of excessive force
the eschewment of a jury of peers
we’re not critiquing the methods
not questioning the validity
or harshness of this justice
all we need here
is establish
that this is the way it is
whip Him, beat Him
pierce Him abdominally
nail Him to a cross
deprive Him of food
of water
leave Him to die
send Him
the judge, jury and executioner
to Hell
and back up He pops
none the worse for wear
we are talking about Jesus
but could we not also
be describing Jason
as in Vorhees
the unkillable killer
of teens out misbehaving
is it not safe to declare
Jason Vorhees cuts
a compelling Christ figure
alas, there’s no forgiveness
a crucial element
we’re not afraid to face up
to this thesis annihilating contradiction
unless the one he lets go
doesn’t defeat the savior
but in fact earns her life
fights for it
on a long dark night of the soul
it is not enough not to sin
from Jason’s perspective we’re born stained
cursed for all time
by that camp counselor who humped
contentedly as the little boy drowned
by battling against the sin within
our “hero” (she-who-survives)
is in fact
reaching out, begging, praying
opening her heart up to forgiveness
and Christ forgives, Jason saves
and there you have it


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