Too much has been written
of the bee
its struggles against the large
clear glass pane
with the words
“Thank you for letting us
serve you!” printed upon it in fuschia
arcing upward
so that the lowercase “L”
the fifteenth character in
on the fourth and middle word
marks the parabolic zenith

How the bee rages
at the confounded invisible barrier
as it bemusedly ascends
weaving left and right
searching for passage
where all know none can be
for the bee in its compound eyes
cannot see
what is clearly before it

Volumes of analysis
come no closer
to bringing the mystery’s end
seemingly endless geometric
treatises have plotted
in excruciating detail
the minutiae of the bee’s
every step, every wiggle
retreat and advance
yet not an inch of progress
explaining how
on May 28th 2016
the bee passed
through the glass to fly free
and elude forever capture
and intimate examination

This is all in the official records
dutifully recorded and filed
because it is how it has to be
had to conclude
all that fight against oppression
all those hours of labor
determination to succeed
that stinging mad perseverance
to live life, to survive
has to signify something
it must mean in a meaningful way
and therefore
the bee got away
the bee overcame
the bee is an inspiration
for there is no possibility
not in the coarsest
most vulgar imaginations
of bee non-believers
that the bee, exhausted
did simply curl up and expire
dead upon the window sill
a hollow exoskeleton
baking in the hot light of day


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