Love of Sorts

What is there to love of a country
when a patriot (of sorts)
professes it
are they speaking of the land
desert, mountains, plains
are not all countries
settled upon land
have they been floridly driven
toward an emotional swelling
for one particular rock
maybe they love their nation’s people
more than any other’s
or is it their system of governance
it’s all terribly difficult
to come away with an answer
especially when these patriots (of sorts)
piss on the land
condemn its management
rally around its illegal usage
and vocally cheerlead its destruction
(Drill Baby Drill)
while denying any and all harm

As concerning their feelings
toward the people
these patriots (of sorts)
malign so many
of their fellow citizens
as coastal elites
as lazy moochers
as somehow destroying the country
they inexplicably love
while heaping derision
upon its government
casting scorn on its judicial system
activist judges
the powers of executive orders

When these patriots (of sorts)
talk of the country they love
they describe it
as a failed state
a hell of corruption and vice
and this leads me
to believe their love of country
is rooted
in the whiteness of their skin
for that is the sort of patriot
under discussion
they enjoy the privilege it grants them
relative invisibility to law
higher salary
a loftier rung on the ladder
their love is rooted
in the existence of enemies
to be crushed under military might
never does their love flow more freely
than in the face of imminent warfare
their love is of their own superiority
their love is of the subjugation of others
their love is of unbalanced justice
their love of country
is the love of themselves
their kind
these patriots (of sorts)
love only themselves
for them to love in any other way
would ne no more
than a handout to the undeserving


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