Posy Police (or Petunia Pig Serves and Protects)

They are precious trembling flowers
as if frightened
orchid blooms on long curved stems
we must handle them gently
lest their fragile egos bruise
lay them down softly
between heavy pages
to press & preserve them
so they may
serve & protect us
delicate little lilies are cops
such fresh tender shoots
cannot be held accountable
for their actions
they are clover blossoms
in a world of voracious bunnies
that would stop at nothing
to chomp off their heads
against such enemies
terrified daffodils wage their war
quivering and quaking in their jackboots
they open fire
upon the swarthy hordes
that dark malignant mold
threatening the beauty of their patch
they do this for us, the people,
and then we have the audacity
to pluck their pedals
criticize the very soil
from which they grow
complain of the stink
of bullshit
that nourishes them
it’s not as if cops are teachers
who can be critiqued, assessed
held up to high community standards
and public oversight
placed under the glaring light
of heated scrutiny
those dear dainty pansies
would simply wilt and whither
after all
they are wild
and there are laws that forbid
the picking of wild flowers
to be so uprooted
and placed in a vase
would be a crime
and the pretty, pretty police may perish


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