Pro-Social Alienation

Diurnally anti-phototropic
scurrying into shadow
slinking low down walls
scraping edges of bare existence
to subsist on pale subterranean vegetation
and fat blind worms
who share my same fate
I humanize the lesser
without anthropomorphization
they do not
thump their big back feet
bat their lashes
and coyly query, “Ain’t I
a little stinker?”
they are meat
sucked for nourishment
yet they too
are worthy respect
especially so of it
as their expiration date
extends my shelf life
in these dark hollows
where I dutifully avoid
all the light
and awful dehumanizing
that I fear
that from which I flee
that from which I wish
I was not separate be
but no more can I do
than dodge
than hide
to stay out of sight
of their eyes
out of mind of their knowledge
I’ve seen what they do
when they see a kind not theirs
expurgate, exterminate, annihilate
and sometimes they have
to put it in the past tense
those different from them
they ate
that’s why when ingest I
my bugs, my vermin
my critters squirmin’
I’m always sure
to uphold their status
their equality
with me, to me
their being that becomes me
is me
thank you my sweets
thanks to all my eats
thank you from my head
thanks from my feet
thanks until I’m dead
when on me you’ll be fed


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