Let’s Don’t Leave Out the Economics

which I cannot choose
it is either the nadir
or pinnacle of creativity
the rock and roll band
whose rock and roll songs
extolls the virtues
of rock and roll
of how much they love it
of how hard they shall do it
and of when and where
and to whom
and for what duration
they as the rock and rollers
shall be rocking and rolling

as it pertains to the
ahem, rock bottom
of imaginative endeavors
there is the obviousness
unoriginality and
of the expression
but however base
I think it is
at its apotheosis
it is an act
of tautological autobiography
tautobiological, if you please
in its precision
“I” many of these lyrics begin
“want to rock,” say many
“and roll,” still others add
“all night,” it has been said
concerning when and for how long
and does anyone
no matter how curious
need ever know more
of the likes and dislikes of
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister
Paul Stanley of Kiss
or Joan Jett,
and to a lesser extent, the Blackhearts
who undoubtedly love
rock an roll
and will encourage
their listeners
to liberally part
with their hard-earned dimes
and dance
at the ends of capitalism’s taut strings
strings much the same
as those plucked upon
the rock and roller’s guitar


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