Independence Day

This flag means change.

It stands for the erosion of tyrannies.

As a symbol,
it represents the rejection of divine providence.

No gods rule the nation over which this flag flies.

In its name kings met defeat and slaves met freedom.

Under the tri-colored banner
rights have been expanded and extended.

This flag has squashed rebellion and killed fascists.

Not all actions conducted
where this flag has waved
have been noble or virtuous.

Regressive forces have sought to seize the flag
and subvert that for which it stands –
to openly espouse religious intolerance
and minority subjugation in its name.

Vigilance shall defend the flag from such vile shame,
shall keep it guarded
from renewed stains of misogyny,
racial hatred and xenophobia.

Once upon a time this flag was the flag of traitors
who held it true
that all men are created equal,
and for those traitors who we now call
“founding fathers,”
we must not allow the flag to fall
to the lower purposes
of would-be jingoist dictators.

We, all of us, are represented by this flag:
woman and man,
Muslim and Christian,
straight and gay,
rich and poor,
black and white.

It is our flag.

We are Americans, together, united
not to be torn apart by small minds and their small fears.

Do not let us become otherwise.

Do not allow
the virtues held by its stars and its stripes
be reshaped to suit unjust causes.

This flag means change…
for the betterment of all people,
of we the people – all of us
together, united.


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