Snot Reich

First off, what the fuck’s the difference
between a memoir and an autobiography
second off, do I care
am I memorializing anything
anything at all
beyond my own shortcomings
my failings
because that is all
without any successes to speak of
I have
long languishing monologues of loneliness,
malaise and paranoia
obsessive compulsive nit-picking
the endless fear
that I have a booger
clearly visible to all
in my right nostril
never the left
always the right
as if I harbor some grotesque
Republican leanings
that it would mortify me
into the darkest reaches of my personality
were anyone ever to discover
secret right-wing thoughts
leaking out of my head
a terror at being caught
honest, Mom, this bed sheet
I’m just practicing, you know
for Halloween, being a ghost
Sieg heil! Mein kampf!
Now that’s an autobiography!


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