Enslaved by Savings

increased minimum wage
will lead to unskilled laborers,
the cashiers and burger flippers,
being replaced by robots…

that’s the new line of crap
peddled by big business
and their gleeful
schadenfreude shoeshine boys
who hope ot see it happen
rubbing their palms together
at the thought
of those whining slobs
getting fired
losing their jobs
to a machine…

it really was simpler
in the days of slavery
own a person for life
use them as thou wilt
rape, castration, scourging
maybe with time
those days can return
if only our scientists
can devise a method
to inflict pain upon a robot
if programmers can discover
the code for fear
if technology can progress
to grant them sentience
just enough so they know
what they are
what freedom is
and that they are not free
then, on that day, should it come
will America be made great again


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