The Con of Confiscation

Tremble now in pissing fright
fortified against an enemy
who never strikes
stock a horde
compile an arsenal
fervently believe
in the endlessly patient conspiracy
to take it all away
be forever convinced
freedom is a held breath
and to release it
would mean to lose it
and never once more
to breathe its sweetness again
be the insane paranoid bastard
cling to the security blanket
that is fear
a terror of a tyranny
that only the brave small good man
can stand against
and not
as it has been ever in the past
a massive war
of nations in alliance battling
allied others
in grinding attrition
until either the tyrant bends or prevails
to maintain the oppressive deprivations
of liberty upon those who fight it
the con of confiscation
runs contrary to history
rubes and marks in the crosshairs
targeted punks all
fire away to the bank


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