Right Wing Ball Club

All we know are sides
an even split division
down the middle
an injury inflicted
against the other
is cause for celebration
when your team wins
despite all the horrible calls
made by the refs
who are always on the side
of the others
who rob us our victories
steal our greatness…

That lousy governing reality
stupid facts and namby-
pamby-pussy rules
let the sport determine its own outcome
to pollute body and blood
to rig the system
to cheat investors
allow the markets
to self-regulate
players will get off steroids
on their own
the rapists and animal and
children abusers
will fine and suspend themselves
they’ll find a way naturally
to avoid concussions
regulatory penalties are bullshit
stifling free play
squashing advantages
of the powerful
to do and take
as they will
go, team, go
all the way
go, team, go, and
fuck the game


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