Lover Boy Ver. 2.0

Everything she wanted in a man
and everything she would never
put up with in one
she wrote down in a two-column list
reviewed it twice
deemed it adequate
and started the next list
the first had concerned personality:
intelligence, emotional stability
and things like dotingness
love of animals, public displays of affection,
libido, sex drive
all the stuff for the program;
the second one was all
eyes, nose, lips, hair
hands – their coarseness and size
his muscle tone and lastly
partly because
she wanted to determine this last
and partly since it seemed petty
the penis, but decide she did
on what would be right
for her and him too
she wanted him to feel confident
in the size of his manhood
insecurity was, after all,
part of the programming, but really
she didn’t want him worrying
about that
because that
is a turn off, off, off
satisfied with her choices
she coded and tweaked and designed
3-D printed and integrated
if you’ve seen Weird Science
basically a distaff version of that film
her science was all above board
nothing weird about it
and when she got her man’s
motor running
all systems go
she didn’t shy from taking a ride
he was good
the best
the best every last goddamn time
his caresses, movements and kisses
his whispers, words and control
mastery of sex
a pure delight
and conversation
also terrific
drinking to excess – never
household chores
he cooked like a chef and washed dishes
removed stains from synthetic and natural fibers alike
squeegeed windows and trimmed the garden
scrubbed floors and dusted
and then she grew bored
and then she took him for granted
but truly – realistically
could she take him for granted?
she made him
she was his creator
to do with
as she pleased
and she still did that
a lot
but more to order
as if he was not much more
than a kind of
sentient Hitachi magic wand
and once she got hers
told him that was great
and he could go turn off,
and she’d see him in the morning…
and then she found another man
a real boy
not some made-to-order Pinocchio
when she brought the true-man home
she ordered her creation
hide in the closet
from where
against his psychological profile
he watched
in burning curiosity
as the other did his job for him
several of his applications
operated suddenly in conflict
and totally against his coding
he spilled his seed upon the Earth
or closet carpet as it was
thus slightly less than Biblical
as for the true-man other, he didn’t last
there was another and a next
and a batter on deck
and a bullpen full of substitutes
and he
her Frankenstein’s fuck monster
was used less and less
“It’s not you specifically,”
she explained to him drunk on wine
“It’s that you’re always you.
I could give you a new face
I know, I know,
maybe tinker in your code
twist that brain of yours
yet it’d still be me in there
me loving me
me doing me
I need the otherness, the stranger
in the dark
a new mind… come on
you should pleasure me now.”
he did as ordered as always
his programming got quite
fully twisted
without any of her tinkering
he took to drink
downing quart upon quart of 200 proof ethyl
it numbed the loss
but granted no illumination
to the inside of the belly of the whale
he was too much
in the dark
like a vacuum cleaner
stored in a cupboard collecting cobwebs
one day she opened the closet door
and was surprised to see him
pale and shaking, slumped in the corner
“My god, you’re a wreck. Get it together, and
clean the dust off yourself,”
as he showered away the neglect
she thought,
and after making use of him
one last time,
gave him an option that
either he be sold off
to the highest bidder on Ebay
or he go out into the world
to make a life for himself
she never saw the blade
coming at her
until after his circuits fused
completely ruining
the best sex toy ever made
and she thought
he knew
knew what would happen
if he tried to attack her
in a non-sanctioned fashion
rather than lose her
more than a lover
a mother, a master
the origin of all he was
he chose to suicide
his own way of death
so much more so
than his life had been
it was only then
that she realized what she’d lost
how much she loved and missed him
he hadn’t been some toy
but a complex individual
weighted with his own needs and dreams
a fully actualized being all along
in penance and in renewed determination
assured in herself
that she would not make
the same mistake again
she got right to work
on Lover Boy version 2.0


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One Response to “Lover Boy Ver. 2.0”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Lover Boy 2.0 blows away Ex Machina!

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