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Pissy Britches

September 29, 2016

Today at the bar
an idiot man
with the mind of a child
prophesied imminent doom
should the woman whom
he does not wish to succeed
assume the presidency
then his newborn child
will, as he said, “See
some serious shit,”
should the woman ascend
he said
to the land’s highest office
then he said
“We are fucked. We are fucked.
It’s all over, and we will see
some…” as aforementioned
“serious shit,”
under such a canopy of despair
lives a man
who drinks Bud light and shots
of Patron
a man who wears
a Metallica tee-shirt
and whose pregnant, again, wife
drinks pints of fruit juice on ice
all this pants-pissing fear
exists in a single man
a self-fancied tough-guy
a fighter, a fornicator, an impregnator
a bed-wetter
terrified of tomorrow, but partying
for today


April 30th 2021

September 23, 2016

Daddy bought me this
it’s a, he called it a journal,
but I like diary
he told me to tell it stuff
“Tell it about the weather
what you ate, how you are
but not too much
about that
you don’t want to write
the wrong things
bad feelings
just good things, really
like how happy you are
for me getting the job
and buying you a gift
don’t tell it about your mom”
That’s enough for today

Daddy started work today
it’s called the MSA
Maleficia Security Agency
I don’t like them
they’re the ones
who put Mommy in the tree
but now they put money
in the bank
is what Daddy said
I’m not supposed to tell
about Mommy
that’s a bad thing
but money is not
and that’s why I told
to tell about Daddy’s money
not Mommy’s maleficium
That’s enough for today

Daddy brought home a bucket
of KFC last night
The MSA bought us the KFC
he said and laughed
the chicken wasn’t good
but I liked the mashed potatoes
That’s enough for today

“Your dad works
for the people who killed your mom
it’s like he killed her
like he hung her in the witch tree,”
Donald was being mean
he’s a boy at Bible Center
he was there when Mommy
was put in the tree
I was too, of course
with my eyes pinned open to see
“She had nice big tits your mom
when are you gonna catch up?”
he said and twisted my nipple
it’s black and swollen now
a teacher saw him do it
and gave me detention
for letting him
girls can help it she said
boys can’t
That enough for today

Daddy caught a witch
we knew her all along
it’s Mrs. Piper right next door
who has the dogs
that bark all night
Mommy hated those dogs
they would fight
Mommy and her
yelling over the fence at each other
it was the day after Mommy called her a…
I shouldn’t tell the bad name
it’s an illegal word
I’ll write it small cunt
it was the day after
the MSA came
and Mommy was put in the tree
later that same week
“Justice moves fast,”
Mrs. Piper, she laughed
Daddy said she’s a real bad one
he got a confession from her
they’re putting her in the tree
tomorrow after sunset
That’s enough for today

I don’t feel like telling today
I’ll tell tomorrow
about Mrs. Piper I’ll ask Donald
if he thinks she has nice tits

Daddy put the noose around her neck
and shaved her head
she had long brown hair
after that the Clan-ministers
stripped her nude
pointed to her erect nipples
as a sign of her guilt
“Even now Satan inflames
her insatiable carnal lust,”
after that up she went
the final flight they call it
Donald said Mommy’s
were better
bigger and rounder
I’m glad
That’s enough for today

Daddy got mad
he read this and said
these are things you don’t want
to tell in writing
permanent documents like this
this can bring the wrong
kind of attention
he told me
attention that comes with trouble
Mrs. Piper trouble
Mommy trouble
trouble for him
it’s suggestive he said
that he did something very wrong
do you understand
Yes, I said
I understand
if I tell it wrong things
bad feelings
they’ll put me in the tree
Daddy looked sad
yes, he said
don’t say you don’t like them
they put the money in the bank
and the KFC in the bucket
and me in the tree I said
right, so no more bad feelings
That’s enough for today
and maybe forever too

A New Reality This Way Comes

September 22, 2016

The world consumes our words
chews them up; shits them out
maggot production grounds
descriptors of dead past
museum piece relics
worthless for tomorrow
we cannot comprehend
that what we cannot name
the future lost to us
unable to adjust
savage time reaps our lives
numbers diminished days
as we struggle to speak
tongue’s stripped by dumb faith
our history repeats
longing now as never
truism remain true
come back rude grocery clerk
one more time Sunday rain
return decades of war
all preferable to this
to this relentless now
this permanent today
where what we say is void
endless swirling nothing
softly dragging us down
mute but to yesterday
dry leaves on a hot breeze

A Short Conversation About Feng Shui

September 20, 2016

“I don’t have the room laid out right.”

“Looks okay to me.”

“No, no. The way it is now will poison us.”


“Different parts of the room have different energies
depending on the alignment of the room
it’s feng shui
there’s an interior design with nodes
nodes for wealth, health, love
power and wisdom.”

“What is this again?”

“Feng shui.”


“It’s common practice in China
even their architects
design buildings
based on feng shui’s rules.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You’re thinking it though.”

“I’m not thinking anything.”

“Well, don’t. I’m serious about this. You’ll see.”

“I’m sure I will.”

“See! There. You said something.”

“I just said I’m sure I’ll see.”

I’m sure I will.”

“I didn’t say it that way.”

“Close enough.”

“Oh, please. Where’s the TV I left you?”

“It’s bad to have a TV
in the room where you sleep.”

“It’s bad?”

“It sucks out positive energy
it’s a portal that lets bad energy in
and pulls good energy out.”

“Even if it’s off?”

“Yes. If you have to have a TV in the room
they say you can drape it in red fabric
and hang a crystal over it to neutralize the portal.”

“I don’t want a TV in the room
I gave it to you because I thought you did.”

“No. Not anymore.
and the toilet lid should always be closed
before you flush it.”

“Why? Is it another portal?”

“It can flush away positive health energy
with the water.”

“Are you kidding?”

“I am not kidding
it’s all in the book
you should read it
so you understand.”

“I understand.”

Normal Norma’s Normal Normalcy

September 19, 2016

“I have strange dreams,” she said
“I have really strange dreams,”
and I wondered how she comes
by this knowledge
by what metric does she measure
against what does she judge
what does she know
about subconscious deviancy
from the norm
and what level of deviation
draws enough alarm for her to conclude
with a diagnosis of… “strange”?
I do not think
her qualified to assess her dreams
I doubt
the veracity of her claims…

…she probably dreams of chiggers
that lay eggs in her lady’s scrotum,
then they hatch, feed
and grow strong on her lady-balls
before surfing the bloodstream
up to her head
where they colonize her brain
and slip her a mickey
a wicked neurotoxic chemical blend
turning her into their zombie slave
who they force to ingest a single asada taco
from every restaurant, truck and stand
in the city
as they clench her rectum tight
disallowing bowel evacuation
until she’s so bloated full of shit
they achieve their dread goal and use her
as a fertilizer bomb
to blow the SC Johnson plant
where the “family company”
produces their Deep Woods OFF! sky high
the horrific carnage
of this first known case
of Arachnida terrorism
changes the world
and the nature of war
uniting all the nations of Earth
against a common enemy
thus issuing in an era
of unprecedented peace

…in other words, it’s a totally typical
completely normal
extremely non-
“strange” dream

Much Journalism! Great Success!

September 16, 2016

How much ad revenue
by the end of democracy
can be made
if media fan tyranny’s flames
as visions of click-throughs
and dreams of politics
turned reality TV
dance in CEOs’ heads?

Freedom of the press
may come to pass away
a youthful fancy
of forefathers fumbling
at the bra clasp of liberty
but how could they foresee
the ratings bonanza
of a fascist presidency?

Twenty-eight Mexicans
who forgot
the watchtower sniper sees all
Number seventeen
will make you think twice
before going outside again

These six Muslims
forgot to say ‘Merry Christmas’
You won’t believe
what they look like now

Deportation marches
make great streaming feeds

Concentration camps
make excellent pornography

Free childcare
for white rape babies
of deceased mothers… “Compassion!”
the headline screams
“Dear Leaders Great Gift
Make Great Again… US!”
the article continues
and the profits soar and soar… Winning!

So long, so long
as the bodies of dead journalists… Losers!
remain unreported

So long, so long
as the disappearances
of the Greatest Administration’s
political opposition… Dummies!
goes undocumented

So long, so long
as the will of the people
who chant
“Lock her up! Lock her up!”… So True!
“Lynch him! Lynch him!”… Wow, Very Nice!
be cheer-leaded
in the press
then that press
stay free
otherwise… Sad!

The Five

September 14, 2016

Five appeared atop the hill
cubes with skin
like glistening white fish
seen in shallow waters
bodies rippling in dappled light
through the boughs of the holy trees
that grew there high
south of the city
in each of the five mysteries
was a blackened archway
of such darkness
sight skittered across
unable to obtain purchase
like children’s hands
upon the greased piglet
that opens celebratory
breeding days in spring
into one such arched door
a slave was sent
passing into pitch
and the entrance
grew over
a thin membrane
quickly thickening
and then soon no more
evidence of its existence remained
into another a warrior went
armed and armored
into another a warrior went
empty-handed and skyclad
into the fourth
a virgin woman
new to her blood
and lastly an elder
wise, mother of nine
grandmother of thirty-two
great grandmother of a hundred twenty
to over five hundred
in she went and as the others
no egress
no attacks could breach
no scar upon it or any
neither crease nor dimple
simply smooth silvery flesh
and seasons passed
and the haunted cells remained
unweathered, unchanging, calm
vines grew not up their sides
birds shit not upon them
hounds did not dare piss
then one day
six moons after
the great comets third run
before the dawn
they did vanish
and to the city gates
which in their days did not exist
came the slave, the warriors,
the virgin and the matron
and the city opened to them
it opened to the legends
to the ghosts, the gods
who they all knew
and to whom
for so long
they fervently prayed
never straying
in their devotion
their ultimate belief
that one day
they would return
to rule
and that is just what they did
each of the five
with his and her own rules
own laws, own methods and customs
own favors and miracles
and thus divided
they turned to conquest
each in their own direction
the religion of the Slave
was devout obedience
of the Armed Warrior
of the Virgin
self-denial and austerity
of the Naked Warrior
of the Matron
fruitful multiplication
these became the five ways of the city
became the five ways of the world
an uneasy wary acceptance
existed between the five
an unspoken truce
to accept their differences
and live with them
but with no more to conquer
the world run out
they turned to each other
and questioned
the value of their peace
of their cooperative alliance
and all agreed on one last thing
to end it

The Pursuit of Happiness

September 8, 2016

Crouched low at knee
bent at waist
Ade squat-waddled
through the tight cave passage
it was a posture
he was accustomed to
after all the life long
in the Lord’s field
plucking leaf, berry and bean
under the scorching
neck-reddening sun
but the darkness
that he was unused to
except when strapped
to his pallet
number eleven-eighty-four
in barracks cluster nine
every night
the rows of immobilized
tied taut ‘til dawn
then back to harvest

The bray of the many hounds
echoed – behind him
beside him, before him
around him
their hunger, desire
drooling loyalty to murder
he detected glee in their wild yelps
a happiness in their pursuit
as a boy he’d been told
the greatest gift a servant
provided the Master’s table
was not the labor of their toils
but the joy of them, of their place

The tunnel narrowed
after leagues, it ended cruelly
maybe he missed a fork
missed an opportunity
he turned
there were the growls
of the dogs, blind as he
but their noses, with those
they could smell the dirt
of their Master’s land
on his clothes, on his skin
they could smell
his perspiration, his terror-sweat
his breath
the scent of meat
the meat that he was
only meat
unable to stand up tall
uncertain if it was worth it
to run momentarily free
how they sang of freedom
bent at their labors
but what did it get him
once he fed
as a slave
the Lords and Ladies
as a freeman
he fed their dogs
their joyful dogs

Saguaro Overlords

September 6, 2016

The word they call it is “drought”
the word they use to describe it
is “historic,” but what
do the Tuareg call it
as they roam ceaselessly the Sahara
they need no word for “drought”
they need no descriptive terms
to classify what kind of “drought”
they are experiencing
because drought is their experience
“it is” as the kids say “what it is”
that is their life
all they know
the desert to roam
and so to too soon
will we wonder at what words
once were
deemed needed
in those great old days of rain