Much Journalism! Great Success!

How much ad revenue
by the end of democracy
can be made
if media fan tyranny’s flames
as visions of click-throughs
and dreams of politics
turned reality TV
dance in CEOs’ heads?

Freedom of the press
may come to pass away
a youthful fancy
of forefathers fumbling
at the bra clasp of liberty
but how could they foresee
the ratings bonanza
of a fascist presidency?

Twenty-eight Mexicans
who forgot
the watchtower sniper sees all
Number seventeen
will make you think twice
before going outside again

These six Muslims
forgot to say ‘Merry Christmas’
You won’t believe
what they look like now

Deportation marches
make great streaming feeds

Concentration camps
make excellent pornography

Free childcare
for white rape babies
of deceased mothers… “Compassion!”
the headline screams
“Dear Leaders Great Gift
Make Great Again… US!”
the article continues
and the profits soar and soar… Winning!

So long, so long
as the bodies of dead journalists… Losers!
remain unreported

So long, so long
as the disappearances
of the Greatest Administration’s
political opposition… Dummies!
goes undocumented

So long, so long
as the will of the people
who chant
“Lock her up! Lock her up!”… So True!
“Lynch him! Lynch him!”… Wow, Very Nice!
be cheer-leaded
in the press
then that press
stay free
otherwise… Sad!


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