Normal Norma’s Normal Normalcy

“I have strange dreams,” she said
“I have really strange dreams,”
and I wondered how she comes
by this knowledge
by what metric does she measure
against what does she judge
what does she know
about subconscious deviancy
from the norm
and what level of deviation
draws enough alarm for her to conclude
with a diagnosis of… “strange”?
I do not think
her qualified to assess her dreams
I doubt
the veracity of her claims…

…she probably dreams of chiggers
that lay eggs in her lady’s scrotum,
then they hatch, feed
and grow strong on her lady-balls
before surfing the bloodstream
up to her head
where they colonize her brain
and slip her a mickey
a wicked neurotoxic chemical blend
turning her into their zombie slave
who they force to ingest a single asada taco
from every restaurant, truck and stand
in the city
as they clench her rectum tight
disallowing bowel evacuation
until she’s so bloated full of shit
they achieve their dread goal and use her
as a fertilizer bomb
to blow the SC Johnson plant
where the “family company”
produces their Deep Woods OFF! sky high
the horrific carnage
of this first known case
of Arachnida terrorism
changes the world
and the nature of war
uniting all the nations of Earth
against a common enemy
thus issuing in an era
of unprecedented peace

…in other words, it’s a totally typical
completely normal
extremely non-
“strange” dream


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