The Star Spangled Banner is the Flag of the Confederacy

Gleeful ghoul dips quill
into ink pot
to pen his verse
of moral and racial superiority
called by those who live
in America
the National Anthem
the Star Spangled Banner
the red on which
is the uselessly shed
blood of slaves and hirelings
who dared fight
alongside the British
for their own personal stakes
of freedom
of independence from bondage
those men and women in chains
who might desire to share
in the noble Declaration’s aim
in the Bill of Rights to follow
but three-quarters men
would be granted no such rights
freedom and independence
under the star spangled banner
was to be
by divine right
granted only to white men

Stand now and put your hand to your heart
display due devotion
to your own oppression
as the spirit of Key
and his demented 15-striped banner
yet still in sick minds
doth wave
no better
than stars and bars and swastika heralds
ignoring the glory
of the flag of 34
that stood up and declared “NO MORE!”
finally, bringing truth
into Key’s
once lie of a line
about the home of the brave
whose blood washed out
slavery’s foul pollution


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3 Responses to “The Star Spangled Banner is the Flag of the Confederacy”

  1. raxtusdragon Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this

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