Wasting Away in Trumparitaville… Sad!

you’re gonna be winning
stinking big piles of winning
jobs, walls, tariffs
all of it
that I can tell you
no lie
no lie
but the others
oh, the others
you know what you get
you know what you’re gonna get
brown people everywhere
up to your armpits
rapists and terrorists, okay
you’ll be shot
shot dead
just walking down the street
shot dead
on your way to get a loaf of bread
you have it horrible
believe me
trust me on that
what do you have to lose
international bankers
believe you me
I know international bankers
to tell you the truth
they can’t wait
can’t wait
they’re laughing about it
they do
they do
they laugh about it
believe me
it’s terrible
sick is what it is
what they’re planning
their cabal
I’ll stop them
I’ll fix it
only I can fix it
believe me
trust me on that one
trust me on that
I know
I know
the media
you know the media
I know them
in the pocket
in the pocket of you know who
I know who
believe me
I know who
you know what
trust me on this
don’t worry
we need to say it
we will say it
we’ll take our country back
because political correctness
I hate it too
killing free speech
killing it
huge problem
taking free speech
grabbing it by the balls
twisting ‘em like a bitch
till all of us
speaking squeaky and high pitched
just like faggots
just like ‘em
believe me
it’s literally strangling our testicles
cutting off the oxygen of heterosexual liberty
blue balls
you know
sometimes no means yes
that I can tell you
no means yes all the time
so no more politically correct
let’s just say it
come on
say it with me
you know the word
believe me
we said it
it feels good to say it
so good to be honest
trust me on that
feels good
real good
so good to say it
that I can tell you
that I can


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